TEMPO BMX Galaxy Series Carbon Rims

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TEMPO BMX Galaxy Series Carbon Front/Rear Rims are backed by our 5 Year Written Warranty.

Tempo BMX are not new to the market. The People behind Tempo started in the commercial side of the BMX industry in January 2008. Our people have been dealers, Importers and distributors for some of the best BMX brands available over this time. We have put a lot of research into our rims and just didn't put a product on the market just because we could. We also didn't just find out who made what brand and ask them to copy it. In 2017 we made two trips, one to Taiwan and one to the USA, these trips were made to cement relationships with the right people that could help us bring Tempo BMX to you. Tempo BMX Carbon Rims were the first Australian Brand Rim to use T800 Carbon. We decided to use a combination of T700 and T800 Carbon and Q12 resin system after commissioning a number of independent tests over a 12 month period. Again, we didn't just copy or get whatever we could from whoever we could for the sake of having a product. Our rims have not just been tested in a Lab but have also been tested on the World Stage at BMX SX events all over the World. 

Tempo BMX Galaxy Series Carbon Rims are available in Gloss or Matte Finish with either Chrome, Gold, White or Grey Decals. Please contact us with the size, spoke count and decal colour that you are after. 

Tempo BMX can supply your Tempo BMX Galaxy Series Carbon Rims in a Custom Decal Colour. We can even do team logos, rider names and numbers etc. on your rims at extra cost. Please contact us for details and pricing. 

***Please note that non-stock and custom ordered rims may take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery*** 

Additional Information.

Tempo BMX rims are Presta Valve. Carbon Brake Pads must be used on V-Brake rims.

All Tempo BMX Carbon Rims are backed by our Australian based Manufactures written 5 Year Warranty to the original purchaser.